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1. Why use bidet?

Bidet has many functions compared with traditional toilets, such as enema, massage, dryer, LED light, warm seat and warm water. It not only fashionable, but also benefits to human helath.


2. Is bidet really environmentally friendly?

Of course.  Our bidet has drying function, which can reduce the use of toilet paper, many users say they use less toilet pare than before. Moreover, our bidet has two energy saving mode, which can minimize the power consumption. 


3. Is bidet suitable for women?

Sure! The advanced korea technologies has designed two-nozzle-in-pocket which the lower part is for women washing, the water comes out is more softer and will help to proctect the sensitive part of lady. It is highly recommended for women who are pregnant. 


4. Sea water is use in flushing, is it possible to install bidet?

Firstly, water use in bidet is freshwater, so it is separately from flushing water. Just sure there a freshwater supply, such as basin, near your toilet, our professional technicians will help you to install if need. 


5. There still strange substance in freshwater?

An Ion Filter is given to use when you first purchase our bidet products. It is used to filtrate strange substance by two barriers. 


6. Is it dangerous to use the enema fuction?

Enema function with the stonger water pressure and comfortable bubble washing, users can expereince a different and special washing the outside of anus. It can then help to relieve constipation and excreted the food residue more easily. Also, the stainless steel nozzle will clean itselves before and after use.


7. How to choose bidet?

We suggest that when choosing a bidet, you should consider the following points:

(1) Functions of bidet- is there any more advanced fucntions, such as enema function, auto-deodorizing, LED light, energy saving mode etc?

(2) Quality: What is it made of? Where is it come from? also look for some international certification.

(3) Product price.

(4) Professional and Qualified Technicians.

(6) Customer Service.

(7) Product warranty


8.How long is the warranty?

One year. We still provide charging maintanence service after one year. 

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