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Richford Korean Electronic Bidet


Fast pace of life in Hong Kong makes us very streesed, and eating not regularly plus always go out for more delicious food makes Hong Kong people more unhealthier. According to the survey, it shows that more than 60% of Hong Kong people are suffering constipation. If the food residue could not be excreted, it will decay inside the instestine, and release harmful toxins and bateria, those will be absorbed by the blood to our parts of body. Chinese medicine also believe that constipation not only makes the suffer looks more old and feeble, but also isomnia, obesity etc. 

So we must find a way to solve the problem. 

The Richford Korea Electronic Bidet has introduced the most advanced Korean technologies, with the stonger water pressure and comfortable bubble washing, users can expereince a different and special washing the outside of anus. It can then help to relieve constipation and excreted the food residue more easily. 


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